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First ever interview: Moaning Myrtles!!!

The Band of the Week is a band that I think has wonderful talent, and should be recognized for it! I will interview them and give you links to thier music! Any questions? email me: 8stargirl8@gmail.com

My interview with Nina and Lauren of The Moaning Myrtles!!

Q:When did you first get the idea to start a Wizard Rock Band?

Lauren: We get this question a lot. In short, November 2005 we went to a Harry and the Potters concert and decided it would be fun to start our own band!

Nina: In terms of picking a character, we both thought Myrtle would be a fun one to portray. She exhibits a WIDE range of wizarding emotion.

Q:Which of your songs is your favorite?

Lauren: Mine’s actually one of our new ones called “Flushed”. It will be on our new CD!

Nina: I like “Don’t Throw that Book at Me.” I’m very proud of the chord progression.

Q:If you could meet any other Wizard Rock band…which would it be?

Lauren: I’ve met almost all of my favorites already! But if I had to pick one I haven’t met, I would say the guys from Ministry of Magic. I’ve been talking to them a lot recently and they’re awesome!

Nina: Lauren and I are really lucky that we get to hang out with so many great wizard rockers all the time. However, I’d still really like to hang out with Molly from Roonil Wazlib.

Q:Is it strange having people think you’re absoloutely AMAZING? *me being one of them:)*

Lauren: Aw, thank you! Yeah, it’s a little weird. But if it weren’t for the great fan response, this never would’ve gone past the one-song joke phase so thank you so much for the support!!

Q:When you first started your band, did you ever anticipate that it would be as big as it is?

Lauren: Definitely not. We weren’t expecting to have to write more than one song, but people kept asking once we got “And Then I Died” finished, and now we’re hooked. Our fans rock!

Q:What is your favorite Wizard Rock song, from another band?

Lauren: My new favorite is “Red Hair” by The Weasel King!

Nina: “Looking for Trouble” by the Remus Lupins

Q:What was the first song you wrote? When did you write it?

Lauren: “And Then I Died” was our first and we wrote it back in November 2005 when we got the idea for the band.

Q:What is your favorite Muggle band?

Lauren: We love Ben Folds!

Nina: Ben Folds is pretty much my hero. I’m also a big Joni Mitchell fan.

Q:If you could be in any Hogwarts house…which would it be?

Lauren: I’m a very proud Hufflepuff.

Nina: I am a Ravenclaw!

Q:What would be your favorite Hogwarts subject?

Lauren: Care of Magical Creatures, I think.

Nina: That’s a fun question. Probably Transfiguration.

Q:Your least favorite?

Lauren: Ancient Runes doesn’t sound like too much fun.

Nina: I’d probably like History of Magic if it were taught by someone other than a ghost. However, since the teacher isn’t living (and is a huge bore)
I’m going to go with that.

Q:If you could go to the Yule Ball with any Harry Potter Character…who would it be?

Lauren: Oh man… I might say Draco because the fanon version of him in my head is pretty amazing. But since we’re going with canon here, I’m going to be cliche and say Cedric Diggory.

Nina: I love Ron. He is too adorable.

Q:In the Wizarding world, or as I call it: the truth, what would your job be?

Lauren: I’d still want to be a wizard rocker.

Nina: I’d want to be Professor McGonnagal. I’m like, overly obsessed with her. However, if no Polyjuice Potion were available, being an Auror would be cool, though I’d probably pee my pants a lot.

Q:What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

Lauren: I don’t know, really. Just myself being really happy, I guess!

Nina: 142 days from now, when I leave my house and move into college and my life is much more relaxed.


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